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About Us


At a Stranger Things show, you never know what to expect. Neither do we.

Stranger Things Have Happened is an English-speaking improv comedy group from the Netherlands that performs both national and international shows.

Improv comedy involves scenes that are made up on the spot by the actors, usually inspired by suggestions taken from the audience. The result is a unique and fresh show that remains unpredictable for both the audience and the performers. Established in 2009, Stranger Things has become one of the leading improv groups in the country, playing hundreds of comedy shows ranging from small clubs to big theatres.

Stranger Things hosts free Improv Comedy Jams at Brouwerij Martinus in Groningen every Monday night at 21.00 and a monthly improv comedy show at the Machinefabriek in Groningen! Tickets for these shows can be bought online. We are regularly employed by companies, clubs and other organisations to perform custom-made shows. Interested in hiring Stranger Things? Click on Contact to find out more.

Aside from these comedy shows and plays, we also host improvisation workshops. Stranger Things actors have accompanied hundreds of people from all ages and nationalities in both workshops and full-blown courses. A minimal workshop duration is one hour, and can be tailored to the needs of your organisation.

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