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Chandler Bullock

Chandler Bullock is a busy man. His stage work includes such productions as Bug (Stranger Things: Black Label), the titular role in Frankenstein (A-Live!) and a recent production of Antigone (ITiE Amsterdam). Not content with limiting himself to theatre, he also starred in such films as North (STHH) and Time Will Tell (High Concept Films). As a director, he’s best known for directing the award-winning GUTS production Alice in Wonderland. He is also currently teaching a Public Speaking course at USVA.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that all this work precludes him from any other activities, but as a long-time member of Stranger Things, he participated in over two hundred shows while maintaining his wonderfully nerdy obsessions with gaming and horror films. This includes talking about them in the back of the bus while touring with the other actors, which means that everyone now knows way more about scary clowns than they should. He currently serves as co-trainer of our student group Friends of Mine.

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