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Show Formats

Improv Comedy Jams

Every Monday at 21:00 at Pacific in Groningen, Stranger Things hosts an open improv comedy jam together with student group Friends of Mine. These shows are free to watch and participate in, so they’re the perfect opportunity to try out your first moments on stage with experienced improvisers.

The combination of a free show and plenty of drinks frequently proves irresistible to audiences, so be sure to arrive early if you want a seat. All improv comedy jam dates can be found on our show list.

Comedy Shows

Every first Thursday of the month behind Groningen Central Station, a crowd gathers in the Silo at Achterweg 47. The venue is almost hidden away, but inside you can find candles and a stove heating an old but incredibly atmospheric interior. There’s a cozy wooden bar in the back, and a bonfire outside for people to gather. And on the stage, the Strangers are performing their monthly comedy show.

For audiences who only know the Strangers from the jams, our monthly comedy show is bound to surprise them: aside from musical accompaniment, we debut our latest games game here that you won’t see anywhere else. We recommend buying at ticket online via our show list, as seats are limited and the shows are busy.

Friends of Mine

If you’ve ever attended an improv comedy jam, there’s a good chance you’ve seen them: Friends of Mine, the student team that closely works with Stranger Things Have Happened. Aside from co-hosting the improv comedy jams, Friends of Mine also performs regular shows by themselves at different venues which you can find on our show list.

Moreover, their shows have unique structures for each performance, guaranteeing that a Friends of Mine show will always be a fresh experience from some of the hottest up-and-coming improvisers around.

Grown Men

Several times a year, Jelle Bonnema, Chandler Bullock and Thomas Mook gather to perform their Grown Men shows, with performances that are characterised by only two aspects: firstly, that all men tend to play a variety of oddball characters (sometimes one, sometimes five, sometimes each other’s) with an overarching storyline. Secondly, that there is absolutely no structure at all. What could easily be total chaos instead becomes a free-for-all improv comedy play that’s always unexpected.

Because of a limited number of shows, Grown Men is often busy or sold out. To make sure you get your tickets, you can buy them via our show list.

Client Shows

Stranger Things is frequently hired for shows that range from small corporate gatherings to massive events. Our clients include large organisations such as the University of Groningen and ESN as well as smaller businesses that benefit from the scalability that an improv show provides, from shows as small as fifty audience members to as large as a thousand. In addition to this, every show can be tailored to the event in question.

We are available for both national and international bookings. If you are interested in finding out more, feel free to contact us for additional information.

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