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A workshop for every occasion.

Improvisation isn't just good for the stage. It's good for life. Stranger Things provides workshops given by experienced trainers who can show you how.

Have you ever wished to be more confident and become a better public speaker without resorting to illegal substances? Are you looking for stepping out of your comfort zone and improving creativity and thinking out of the box skills without resulting to illegal substances? Would you like to get to know yourself better, explore your limits, and prove to yourself that you can do more than you think without… okay, you get the idea.

Do you like spending a fun afternoon with your friends? Or would you like to connect better with your colleagues?

We’re not just implying that workshops with Stranger Things are more enjoyable and efficient than drugs and alcohol. We’re openly saying so. It’s healthier, and in the long term, more financially viable.

With nearly a decade of experience and expertise, we can provide workshops that focus on team building and interpersonal communication skills including listening, thinking out of the box/creativity and public speaking skills. We can accommodate groups of up to twenty people or more for a single session, with sessions ranging anywhere from one hour to twenty-hour courses, custom tailored to your needs. With years of covering many different groups, from friends to businesses, from locals to internationals, from business conventions to, yes, bachelor parties, our professional instructors can handle any kind of situation.

We are also proud to tell you that our Strangers Kees and Thomas are teaching ten-week beginners and advanced improvisation comedy courses at USVA, Groningen, with a new course starting on March 12. Click here for more information.

Joining the Improv Comedy course was the best decision I have made in years. Due to a recent situation where I unexpectedly had to give a speech to total strangers, I realized that it was thanks to the course I was able to stay totally calm, improvise a good speech and also make people laugh while giving it.Course Participant

Only after half of the lectures, I realized that I overcame my stress while trying to stand out, and I was able to cope with situations in my daily work life with more confidence. And now, presentations are literally like a game for me. Great course, talented teachers, and lots of fun!Course Participant

I really like the atmosphere, the people who participate in the course, and that you’re co-operating with people, which results in a great bonding experience. The course is a lot of fun, but it also gives me skills and abilities that are useful in my professional and everyday life (teamwork, communication and thinking quickly).Course Participant

This course has changed my life for the better. I never knew I could get a thrill out of something I used to be so afraid of doing. You don’t even realize how good you’re getting until you stand on that stage and you thank Kees and Thomas in your head. Becoming a better improviser has given me a lot of confidence, as much on stage as in real life. I get such a rush from getting a laugh from the audience, knowing that my friend and I have built a great scene together and that just makes it so much more rewarding.Course Participant

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